The Number On Your Tires You Need To Check (And What It Means)


The sidewall of your car’s tires has a litany of numbers and letters that describe the brand, make/model, size, load rating, speed symbol, and other vital aspects of a particular tire. Most noteworthy is the DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN), which contains information like codes for the tire plant, manufacturer, and tire size codes. The TIN could easily be found by locating the DOT marking. 

However, the last four numbers after the PIN indicate the week and year of manufacturing, which also shows the tire age. The sample image above shows that the “1822” marking represents the 18th week of 2022. For example, if your tire’s TIN ends with 4921, the tire was manufactured in December 2021. If you still have that tire on your car, the tire is roughly two years old.

The NHTSA recommends replacing tires over five to six years old, regardless of the tread wear or tire condition. Remember that tires are the only things keeping your car on the road, and you should absolutely follow the expert’s tips when buying new car tires when people’s lives are on the line.

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