These essential travel accessories are currently on sale for Amazon Prime Day


There are a few travel mishaps that I encounter from time to time that immediately dampen my mood.

One is walking into a hotel room and finding nary a USB outlet where I can charge my iPhone, AirPods and other travel tech necessities.

The other is opening the pouch where I pack all of my charging cords and finding that I didn’t pack the correct cords and adapters to charge my devices, especially on international trips.

Luckily, among the hundreds of travel items that are on sale for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, there are two majorly discounted travel accessories that can solve both of these problems. Here are some details on each and how much you can save.

iWalk USB-C Fast Charger


Purchase: iWALK Leopard GaN 65W USB C Charger, $23.79 on Amazon

This 65-watt USB-C charger from iWalk charges your devices at lightning-fast speed and is compatible with most newer MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPhone, Galaxy S, Dell XPS and Google Pixel models. It can fully charge most devices in under two hours.

This charger is compact, and the prongs fold into the charger to make it even more convenient for travel. It also comes with one USB-C-to-USB-C cable and one USB-C-to-iPhone cable.

This iWalk charger typically sells for $49, but it’s currently selling for only $23.79 — a discount of more than 50% — during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

Epicka Universal Travel Adapter


Purchase: Epicka Universal Travel Adapter, $18.39 on Amazon

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The universal travel adapter from Epicka will cover all your charging needs whether you are traveling domestically or abroad. This worldwide adapter includes four plugs covering more than 150 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain.

This adapter has four USB-A ports, one USB-C port and an AC socket, so it can charge up to six devices simultaneously. It’s compatible with iPhones, laptops, tablets, power banks and other devices. Although it can charge a wide variety of items, it is not a voltage converter and should not be used for high-voltage items like hair styling tools.

Epicka’s Universal Travel Adapter typically sells for $24.99, but you can currently get it for just $18.39. That’s more than 25% off the list price, so get one today before the price increases.

Bottom line

Nowadays, you need a handful of cords, chargers and adapters to power all of your devices when you travel. Luckily, you can snag a good deal and save some money on these essential travel items during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days.

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