‘UFO’ Seen Over Texas Just a Starlink Launch, People Still Freak Out


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A bunch of Texans could’ve sworn they saw something extraterrestrial in the sky last night — but fortunately, it was just an out-of-this-world personality from this planet … Elon Musk.

Several sightings got reported online Friday evening — with a purported UFO being spotted flying over multiple different cities all throughout the the Lone Star State. In all the clips — some of which have been obtained by TMZ — everyone’s seeing the same thing.

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Take a look … all these folks see a bright light up in the heavens, which looks to be cruising along — only to spit out a giant plume of smoke, which expands into an ever-growing ring.

The reactions in about all the videos are pretty much the same … THE HECK IS THAT???

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In the 1st clip above, people are watching a local football game when they spot the celestial phenomenon — captured right in Dallas. The second clip was filmed in nearby Greenville, TX … and a third clip was shot quite a ways away in Georgetown, TX, closer to Austin.

Like we said, all of these folks seem to have thought they witnessed a classic flying saucer — but as it turns out … it was just a Starlink satellite launch courtesy of EM’s SpaceX company.

The subsidiary announced they’d be launching a new fleet from a station of theirs in Florida — and noted it’d be in “low-Earth orbit.” The giant halo effect is called a “space jellyfish” … something that happens when a rocket’s propulsion emission hits sunlight at a certain angle.

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In other words … it ain’t aliens, people. Everyone knows their ships are faster and way more elusive than this. Carry on … 😅

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