Whoopi Goldberg Roasts Rachel Bilson For Shaming Men On ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg called out Rachel Bilson on “The View” for her controversial statement about men.

The actress was upset that Bilson criticized men in their 40s for having under four sexual partners. Bilson noted this while talking about turn-offs in potential future partners.

From Goldberg’s point of view, the younger actress was being “weird” and should mind “her business.” Goldberg noted that men “traditionally were taught to have many sexual partners” but that the norm has been shifting to fewer partners.

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Rachel Bilson For Her Statements On ‘The View’


During her “Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson” podcast, the actress noted that it would turn her off if a potential partner had less than four sexual partners in their 40s. In response to this, Goldberg criticized the statement in the latest episode of “The View.”

She noted that the preference was concerning, as people should be allowed to make their own decisions. The “Sister Act” actress explained that the most important thing in a relationship should be whether the couple is happy together. Goldberg said, “I don’t understand. To me, if he’s happy with you and you’re having a good time, why are you b—-ing?”

Goldberg also noted that she believed the “The O.C.” actress’ opinion was concerning. This is because she felt that past sexual encounters were a personal thing. Goldberg explained that it shouldn’t concern anyone what people choose to do with their bodies. She noted, “Why is it your business? It’s not your business.”

Rachel Bilson Knew Her Opinion On Men Was ‘Judgemental’


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Bilson admitted during her podcast that her opinion was controversial. She explained that it was “gonna sound so judgmental,” but she needed to say it anyway. Bilson claimed that the number of sexual partners would prepare men for future relationships. 

She said, “If a dude is in his 40s and he [has] only slept with four women,” things would be “a little weird.”

The actress, however, made an exception for people in long-term relationships who were loyal to their partners. She explained that a “decade-long” relationship would be a reasonable excuse and “totally respectable.” 

Bilson restated her first opinion and revealed that it would be difficult for her to consider a relationship with inexperienced people in their 40s. “But if he’s single in his 40s and it’s only four, and he’s never been in the long term, that’s an issue.”

Whoopi Goldberg Wonders Why Rachel Bilson Is ‘B——-‘


Goldberg pointed out that Bilson’s statement was unfair, explaining that men are now being told to have fewer sexual partners in contrast to how things were “traditionally.” However, Bilson now expects them to have more sexual experience to qualify as a potential partner for her.

Goldberg said, “Listen, men, traditionally, were taught to have many sexual partners. That’s how it was. Men could go and do whatever they wanted to do.” 

The 67-year-old wondered why women were now upset at men who had less sexual experiences. She stated, “Now, this is happening, and you’re mad. I don’t understand. To me, he’s happy about you, so why are you b——–?”

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Goldberg’s co-host, Joy Behar, supported her and said it didn’t matter whether they’d had more than four partners. It was simply about “quality” rather than “quantity.” In response, Goldberg noted, “But she doesn’t know what the quality is!”

Whoopi Goldberg’s Co-hosts Comment On The Issue

Goldberg’s co-hosts, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Behar, and Sunny Hostin, also commented on the controversial statement from Bilson. Griffin and Hostin noted that they didn’t “want to know anything about” their partners’ past sexual encounters. They explained that the relationship would turn out better if they kept their past behind them and focused on the future.

They supported Goldberg’s point that people’s sexual experiences were their concerns and shouldn’t affect a current relationship. On the other hand, Behar noted that a relationship would go smoothly if her partner could make her happy. She said that little sexual experience didn’t matter to her.

Referencing Bilson’s statement, she joked, “If just one out of the four could locate my G-spot, I’m all in! I don’t need thousands of them; give me one good one, right, ladies?” She added, “I know where it is. I’m gonna find a search party soon for them to find it.”

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