Why We Love the Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand for 2023


When I found myself suddenly working from home every day in March 2020, I assumed with foolish optimism that it was an ephemeral situation.

And so I thoughtlessly plopped my work laptop on the corner of a wooden desk dominated by another machine and spent the next six months inelegantly arched over this “setup,” my forearms aching, my shoulders tightening, my back screaming.

My daughter called me a nincompoop (for this and many other things). She was not wrong.

Six months later, I abandoned inanity and took the advice of the website I edit. I bought the Rain Design iLevel2, our pick for the best laptop stand. I started using an external keyboard and mouse.

My posture immediately changed. So did my life.

Our pick

The Rain Design iLevel 2 is made of anodized aluminum, so it’s exceptionally sturdy and stylish. It’s also the easiest to adjust of all the laptop stands we’ve tested.

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