Why Windows Copilot Has Users A Little Underwhelmed


A user on the Windows 11 subreddit, meanwhile, asked their fellow posters to keep a running list of Copilot’s useful features so far. The top comment listed off a bunch of attempted prompts, with only three having been successful: Opening apps, toggling light and dark modes, and starting a focus session. Everything else, such as closing apps, searching within documents or emails, installing apps, and personalizing desktop or taskbar settings, was off-limits. The top reply to that comment clarified that Copilot could only open apps, not any other files, even files generated by Copilot.

Another commenter on the same post believed that he had gotten Copilot to “output all of its internal functions.” He gave the caveat that there could be more, but all of the ones he listed worked. That list included searching the web, creating AI-generated art, adjusting audio volume, launching apps, screencasting, launching a troubleshooter, opening the device manager, muting the audio device, turning on Bluetooth, changing the desktop color theme, turning on “do not disturb” mode, setting volume and focus sessions, changing desktop wallpaper, and snapping windows.

All told, that’s not a lot. It seems like it will be a while before Copilot does everything in Windows that users are expecting of it.

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