Zack Snyder Once Promised To Use His ‘Snyder-Ness’ To Get A Rick And Morty Movie Made


Okay, putting funny anecdotes aside, “Rick and Morty” fans everywhere are obviously invested in whether a movie could really still happen. Well, there might be some good news on that front. While season 7 of the animated series is set to debut in just a few days, Dan Harmon goes on to tell THR that he also sat in for meetings with Warner Bros. (actual official meetings, this time) about taking the small-screen hijinks to theaters. Although he described the tone of the meetings as “… it felt like maybe it was time to get the ball rolling,” Harmon cautioned that there’s still no outline — let alone a script — to follow. Still, that doesn’t mean he has no idea where to take things next. Speaking generally, he explained:

“My philosophy would be to just take a ‘Rick and Morty’ adventure, and spend a bunch of extra money on it and make it 90 minutes long. Not to try to earn its feature status by virtue of canonical dramatic tone shifts or anything like that, but rather to just make it a super badass episode of ‘Rick and Morty.'”

This will undoubtedly be music to many a fan’s ear … including Zack Snyder. His public romance with “Rick and Morty” dates back to when eagle-eyed fans first spotted a certain Easter egg chilling in the background of a scene in “Justice League” (which you can see in the image above). “Rick and Morty” returned the favor last year, when one episode titled “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” dropped a hilarious reference to “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.” For now, however, Snyder directing “Rick and Morty” remains a pipedream.

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Be sure to check out the rest of the THR interview for Harmon’s full quotes.

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